November 29, 2005

Diggin the past

Well, after a long dry spell (that's L-O-N-G-D-R-Y), I've finally woken up to include some historical pix that I unearthed on a recent trip to my home cache. The next few entries provide a quaint and nostalgiac (oh, wait, that was one of my toons) look at my roots. Actually, it's easier to see one's roots when one has bed-head...

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Behind Schedule

Notice the crude pen marks, the use of lined paper, the faint shadows of drawings on the other side... This is historic stuff people!

In my aforementioned archaeological acquisitions (of astonishing alliterative allusions), I discovered that many of my toons were VERY rude and disgusting. Fortunately, I now have the presence of mind for self-censorship. But if anyone has any problems with my choice of drawing, please write me and I will take your opinion into consideration.

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