February 26, 2005

Punk Rhyme #1 (pun crime)

This is a case of using oneself as a weapon. This particular crime attempt was foiled when a voice was heard "Who's making all that racket!"

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February 25, 2005

Music (Muy Sick)

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Your Days are...

what happens when you hit a fowl (ball) while taking an analgeese-ic...

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February 20, 2005

An Easy One (the devil you say)

talk about a hair-raising image...

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February 19, 2005

Penne Tent

At first, I was going to draw "pen a tent" but I liked this one better

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Yacht Shoe

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February 16, 2005


hmmm... up on the cat mock again

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From The Archives

This was the first official Pun Krock

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February 11, 2005

For Math Consumption

quick and satisfying

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February 10, 2005

When Cutlery Goes EVIL

every so often, the term "parsimonious" comes to mind; everything just fits together so well, it's like it was asking to be created (it's just a wee bit dated--i recently removed an "update", but it was poorly done, and you couldn't read the new "wanted" poster, which had a picture of Osama Bin Ladle

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February 09, 2005

Hip Hypotenuse

This one is for the Darr

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Guess what

I liked this one.

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February 07, 2005

What do you think?

On the stretch side

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February 06, 2005


Should be an easy one
This one was fun for me, both in inception and conception (although I must admit I had to use a stock image for the leaf, cuz I couldn't remember if there were 5 or 7 fronds per leaf, and since I don't have a lot of personal experience...)

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One for the dogs (Punimals #4)

What else can I say? What else can the dog really say?

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Build a Better... (Punimals #3)

No animals were harmed during the creation of this drawing

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February 04, 2005

Fruit #3

This is THE most convoluted one I have ever done (quite the stretch)

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I had the idea for this one many years ago, and finally got it out there (i was going to put a "title" on the pulpit, but decided i would be more conservative; if you want to know what it was (or would like to guess what it was, email me)

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Guess the caption

It's been a while since I posted, so I included three today, two from years ago and one new one

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