December 12, 2013

Groan and bear it

On a cold wintry night, thoughts go to... puntarctica?

An ursus maritimus that briefly stops by to cavort with other bears on a Polynesian island and curtly leaves in order to ask questions to a hockey player, but before he does he gets stoned and urges his friends to do the same, experiences extreme highs and lows from vitamin deficiency, is attracted to both males and females (especially black actresses) and former senators while wearing a thin sun-shaped tie, eating choice cuts of beef while cooking Louisiana food and enjoying ginger ale, and actively searching the bar for free fish and cute lady bears, and hurling apple tarts down a wooden floor because of painful tooth decay and waving farewell to the depressed sexually confused beasts, and fixated on killing Muslim clerics because he is an ardent Catholic, is a... 

fly-by polar bipolar bi-polar high cajoler holy roller rib-eye polar, dry cola, bi-troller, pie-bowler Halle Berry solar bola po'boy broiler goalie poller bye-bye Bora Bora beriberi bi-molar bob-dolar die ayatollahr polar bear.

(This was a joint effort--believe it or not, NOT "joint"--of John Male, Jeremy Brown, and myself, who traded emails and created this work piece by bloody piece. i.e. so don't blame me (alone) for your somatic reaction)

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